We welcome children & adults in New Paltz & NYC

Golden Light Acupuncture, PC is a proud member
of the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce,
Gardiner Association of Businesses, and ASNY – Acupuncture Society of NY.

Golden Light Acupuncture is a holistic family clinic that welcomes people of all ages and stages: prenatal support, pediatrics, and adults.


Marika LaFemina, MS, L.Ac.
Specializing in Pediatric and Prenatal Care

Michael LaFemina, MS Ed., MS, L.Ac.
Acupuncture & Tui Na

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Clinic Locations & Directions

New York City

32 USQ East, Suite 615N (ring bell and we open for you)
Please note: 32 and 24 USQ East share a common lobby. Use elevators on the left for 32. At the 6th floor, take a left out of the elevators and we’re the door at the end of the hallway

New Paltz

7 Innis Ave, New Paltz, 12561. 2nd Floor. Street parking available.
GOOGLE MAPS WILL NOT DIRECT YOU THERE PROPERLY BECAUSE THIS ROAD DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE MAP – HEAD SOUTH ON 32 from Main Street and take the first left onto Innis Ave. At the top of the street, make a left and head to the end of the street. Golden Light Acupuncture is located on the 2nd floor in the house at the end of Innis Ave with the dark/glass blue door. (not the house on the left)


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