“What Marika did for my 7 year old daughter withglalogoher exceptional acupuncture skills and her calm, soothing and engaging interactions was phenomenal. My daughter suffered from eczema for years and within two months, her skin not just improved, but cleared up! Marika’s course of action helped my daughter enormously and we are incredibly grateful for that.”

– MC, parent

“Marika treated my son for eczema rash on his left arm and the results were truly astounding. The treatment along with dietary glalogochanges took care of his eczema in five days. Like many children, my son was adverse to the idea of needles. But Marika had a wonderful manner with my son and he went from being fearful of doctors and treatments to truly enjoying his session. She did a great job at reducing his anxiety by explaining what she was doing every step of the way. At the end of the session Marika even conjured up a tiny toy dragon for my son which he still cherishes to this day!”

– AK, parent of 8 year old child

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“Like many people, right after the election was an absolute nightmare. I was having a hard time processing all of the events of the election and it was taking it toll oglalogon me mentally and emotionally. It was a dark lingering sadness and anger that was everywhere. I could not sleep.
I was not sure Acupuncture  would be something that could help in this situation as, I had relied on it in the past for physical pain relief. But I am so glad I kept an open mind and gave it a try.
Michael’s zen and objective manner helped me press reset. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, he kind of just knows the right words to say to help you feel like you are back in control of your life again. I felt better almost immediately. AND I was able to sleep restfully again. What a difference it has made for me.”

– ANH, adult patient


“I started treatment with very cold and crampy feet and ankles, but after 3 sessions and many Moxa, icy feet are in my past. Now for work on digestive system, here we go!” 

– BL, adult patient

“My experience at Golden Light Acupuncture has been life altering.  Painful periods due to menstruation initially brought me in, but what I have received is so glalogomuch more. 

Michael looks at the whole person when treating, not just the specific ailment.  In addition to having great relief from the pain I was looking to subdue, my experience at GLA has been a journey of self discovery.”

– AB, adult patient

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