Double Aspect of the Heart

An Expert’s Insight to the Classics

Presented By Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée


May 18-19, 2019
New York City
(Yang Sheng Center – 224 W 35th St, #501)

Course Description
This 2-day course will analyze some of the Classics of Chinese Medicine, particularly Su Wen and Ling Shu, to understand the nature of the heart (心) and how it pertains to life and health.

We will explore the relationship of the Heart with the sense organs, the emotions, the blood, the spirits, the middle of the chest (Danzhong) and how the Classics present Heart and Heart protector (Pericardium, Xinbaoluo) as the double aspect of one Zang. 

About the Teacher
Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee has been studying classical Chinese since 1969. She first studied with Father Claude Larre and then co-founded the Ricci Institute in Paris. In her career, she has published more than a dozen books on a variety of topics in Chinese Medicine from a classical perspective and also a dictionary of Chinese Characters. Long held as an expert in this field, Elisabeth has been lecturing around the world as one our top scholars for decades.

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