Wood Child

If you have a Wood Child…Wood


Your wood child is likely to be energetic, curious and adventurous.

He/she is active and needs physical outlets in order to manage his/her energy and feelings, which will enable her/him to stay balanced.

Curiosity and a drive to understand things often lead to questions and pushing the boundaries. Wood children can be born leaders and trailblazers – they are the pioneers of our society. They have the “I can do anything” attitude in life.

You can best support your wood child be helping him/her establish meaningful goals to help him/her channel his/her energy. These children like to have something to work towards as they are very goal oriented and usually love to win. By setting up realistic, individual goals for sports activities or school in order to channel his/her competitiveness in a positive way.

These kids will push boundaries in order to understand their own strength. Once he/she knows his/her limits he/she can respond to challenge without triggering frustration or anger about being held back. Redirecting him/her away from an argument and towards the positive goal he/she is interested in will prove beneficial.

Physical activity is a must for wood children. Team sports, theater groups, dance troupes are great ways to get them to moving and socialize.

If your wood child has a lot of energy in the classroom, make sure to get him/her some playtime outside at the playground before going to school so he/she can keep him/herself seated and pay attention in class.

If your wood child is arguing with you or others, let him/her work it out physically through sports and healthy physical activity before you try to talk about it. Consider discussing something upsetting while walking since physical activity will help discharge anger and frustration. Then speak in practical, compassionate terms and you will most likely get him/ her to understand. When you explain the reasoning behind your decisions you will help him understand the why and satisfy his/her curiosity.

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