Water Child

If you have a Water Child…Water

Water children are very creative and likely deep thinkers that feel more intensely than other children. They often understand emotional nuances and are considered wise beyond their years. Many parents describe their water child as an old soul. They can occupy themselves for hours in their own creative world, exploring these deeper thoughts and feelings by themselves. You will see them play by themselves from a young age, maybe talking to imaginary friends. While they enjoy some activity, they tend to shy away from lots of it. They are more introverted and need to refresh themselves by some quiet time. The risk of water children without adequate social stimuli lies in becoming stuck, depressed and lonely.

You can support them best by giving them their space to explore and move through his/her feelings. Allow and encourage him/ her to talk about things when they are ready, not necessarily when you are. If you are a fire or wood parent, this may be hard to understand at first, but giving them their space to work through their feelings will help actually help them more in a long run. Using art, music, poetry, any creative expression may help them express themselves and move through their emotions fluidly. If your water child is stuck and doesn’t know how to say it then offer them a crayon and paper and ask them to show you how they feel or start making up a story with a character that has the same name as your child and let him/her finish the story.

Having a flexible home environment is a great way to support a water child. They thrive when there is flexibility in routine and a manageable schedule that allow for a lot of down time. When the spirit moves them they can accomplish beautiful, amazing things, but they tend to have their own sense of timing. Making a request that a chore or a homework assignment should happen within a time frame is more helpful than a specific day at a specific time so they don’t feel pressured.


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