Radiant Self Acupuncture

You have the opportunity to be your best, most radiant self.

Sometimes, things get in the way.

The right acupuncture might help.

One of the foundational concepts of Chinese Medicine is ‘Shen Ming’ (神明) – the ‘radiance of the spirits,’  when your eyes are glowing with that unspoken completeness and joy – and you are radiant.

Everyone deserves to be radiant.

By using a classical and minimalistic approach to acupuncture, Michael helps patients get back their their radiance. You can email Michael if you have any questions.

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Patient Testimonials:


Michael’s zen and objective manner helped me press reset. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, he kind of just knows the right words to say to help you feel like you are back in control of your life again. I felt better almost immediately. AND I was able to sleep restfully again. What a difference it has made for me.”

– ANH, adult patient

glalogo“My experience at Golden Light Acupuncture has been life altering.  Painful periods due to menstruation initially brought me in, but what I have received is so much more. 

Michael looks at the whole person when treating, not just the specific ailment.  In addition to having great relief from the pain I was looking to subdue, my experience at GLA has been a journey of self discovery.”

– AB, adult patient

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