Metal Child

If you have a Metal Child…Metal

Metal children are likely to be easy going about many things, but can have a stubborn streak. They can be particular about their routine or how food is put on their plate or similar things. They’re very active but not as much as fire and wood children, who keep their parents super busy. They enjoy a balance of activity and quiet time and thrive on routine.

You can support them best by being gentle with them when you’re upset or if they’re having a hard time. They take punishment very hard because they want to do their best to please you. Avoid reprimanding them in front of others because they’ll take that especially hard and may shut down or start crying.

Make transitions easier for your metal child by giving them plenty of warning that a task will end and you’ll have to leave or go somewhere soon. As he/she gets older, get a calendar and review their weekly routine so they know what’s coming up. When he’s going to a new environment, such as school camp, talk about it, walk him/her through it and even have him/her visualize it, to make transitions easier.

Demonstrate behavior like flexibility to help your metal child balance their rigidity. Metal children can get stuck in a negative thought spiral when things don’t go their way. Show them how you shift out of negative thoughts and emotions and into a more positive state through activities like deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation and gratitude practice. Choose your battles carefully because metal children can be stubborn and rigid. Modeling flexibility is something more important than imposing your own will on mental children. This will show them what’s truly important and allow them to be more flexible themselves.

Metal children enjoy puzzles, patterns, anything logic. Games involving timing and counting are particularly fun for them. Time how long it takes them to put their shoes on or make their bed and praise for doing a good job.


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