Fire Child

If you have a Fire Child…Fire

Your Fire Child is likely bright, vibrant and seeks a lot of stimulation. She/he wants a parent to entertain her/him and also loves to entertain back. She/he is a very active and engaging child that likes constant movement, but can also get easily overwhelmed by uncomfortable sensory stimulation, textures, foods, fabrics…

You can support your Fire child best by compassionately listening to her stories, problems, needs and jokes. Instead of reacting with criticism or harsh boundaries, Fire Children need to know they are heard, valued and loved. With these kids, a hug or gentle touch will provide great comfort and they often need to talk things out when they are confused or upset. Bear in mind, her/his reaction to certain things and situation can be at times super dramatic. Therefore remaining calm and patient is the best way to diffuse the drama.

Being a natural entertainer, Fire children probably crave being surrounded by friends and family. Sh/he is a charismatic and naturally likeable person. They are often the center of attention in group situation and love to be in that position. In school or on the playground your fire child is usually the popular child and has many friends. Although she/he thrives in the attention – too much of a good thing can make a fire child overly sensitive at the end of the day. Try to balance play dates or extracurricular activities with adequate family or quiet time at home to prevent meltdowns due to overstimulation.

Model behaviors like calmness and kindness to help counter her/his overactive nature is helpful. Since they are quick in reacting, avoid fueling the fire of a tantrum by staying as relaxed and supportive as possible. If you lose your cool as a parent, the fire child will feel ungrounded and may spiral into compulsive and reactive behavior. Drop down to your knees to get to their level and use words like. “I hear what you’re saying”, “I see you’re upset, how can I help you?” Is more helpful than saying “ what’s the matter with you?” Or “ why are you acting like that?”

A little love and understanding goes a long way with fire children.


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