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If you have an Earth Child…Earth

Earth children are friendly, outgoing, talkative, but they don’t necessarily enjoy being in the spotlight. They are very helpful from a young age and very attached to parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers…. Don’t be surprised if your earth child starts crying when you leave them at preschool for the first few times. While they go with the flow and very easy to be with, they can get very worried about family, friends and their pets when something is not right. Earth children are the peacemakers in our society – they are most happy when everybody else is happy.

The best way to support your earth child is to be a loving source of support that listens to her/ his worries and cares about it. She/he’ll worry less when you take of things behind the scenes. You may want to introduce a “worry rock”. Pick a pebble or stone that he likes, that she can her worries to and then wash it under water. This can create a very helpful ritual of releasing worries and negative emotions.

Earth children love to eat. What’s better than to let her/him help you in the kitchen!?

Food preparation and cooking will form a healthy relationship to food. Earth children crave sugar and refined flour, exposing them to all the wonderful flavor, textures and healthy fruits and vegetables will keep them of a balanced diet.

Earth children are very social but don’t like to be in the spotlight, so make sure you don’t force him/ her onto stage. Give them time to do so.

Get your earth child moving by involving him/ her in a group activity. Physical activity that involves a group setting will be particularly helpful in establishing healthy exercise habits while also nurturing their desire to be surrounded by friends.

Modeling healthy relationships, stress management and self care is very beneficial for earth children. They have a tendency to put other people’s needs above their own and fail to ask for help when they need it most. Creating a ritual and routine around self care will make sure earth children give to others from a place of abundance instead of depletion.


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