What is Pediatric Acupuncture?

Children are special – they deserve a specialist. Pediatric acupuncture is different from adult acupuncture.

Pediatric acupuncture:

  • is generally non-invasive (needles are not inserted like for adults)
  • supports children’s immune system
  • can be fun for kids too!

The treatments with Marika are gentle, playful, and effective. In this video below, she demonstrates a technique called “shonishin.”

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Marika is a Licensed Acupuncturist in New York and Certified Pediatric Acupuncturist through JingShen Pediatrics, studying with Moshe Heller, L.Ac, and Dr. Stephen Cowan, MD, C.Ac.

What to expect when working with Marika?

A big part of working with children is understanding how diet and lifestyle can have a profound effect on the health of a child. Marika spends significant time learning about each child, and often makes specific dietary suggestions that will both help alleviate symptoms and heal the child from the inside out. In addition, Marika utilizes techniques from both Chinese and Japanese traditions of acupuncture and Marika generally works with ‘superficial’ (on the skin) stimulation to support the child’s system to harmonize and heal (see the above video for a demonstration).

Before practicing acupuncture, Marika was a pediatric physical therapist in her home country of Austria, working in neo-natal care units in hospitals.

In this video, Marika is demonstrating how to use gentle massage in a treatment for young children. Children of all ages respond well to Marika’s touch.

Marika is welcoming new patients in our offices in New Paltz and house calls in New York City.

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If you have any questions about pediatric (or adult) acupuncture, please feel free to call (845) 663-8853


“Marika treated my son for eczema rash on his left arm and the results were truly astounding. The treatment along with dietary glalogochanges took care of his eczema in five days. Like many children, my son was adverse to the idea of needles. But Marika had a wonderful manner with my son and he went from being fearful of doctors and treatments to truly enjoying his session. She did a great job at reducing his anxiety by explaining what she was doing every step of the way. At the end of the session Marika even conjured up a tiny toy dragon for my son which he still cherishes to this day!”

– AK, parent of 8 year old child


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